Monday, February 20, 2012


Longest. Weekend. EVER....and not in a good way.

Yesterday we were faced with the heart wrenching decision of having to put our dog, Chiquita, down.  The most difficult thing we've had to do, or perhaps the easiest.  She was suffering, in pain and not living the way she was entitled to live.   It would have been selfish and it would have been for US, if we had not decided the way we did.  We chose the way we did, for her.

She joined our family in November 2000.  She was not my 'baby' or 'child' nor was I her 'mother'.  She was our pet. But as a pet, she was a member of our family.  A loved and respected member. She would protect and defend us and our property and we trusted her with our lives, as she trusted us with hers.

She had silly habits like sneaking used tissue and trying to eat it before she got caught.  It had to be used though, fresh from the box just wasn't the same.  Anything within nose reach on the counter was fair game and she was a fan of toothpaste.

Late last Fall she was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease.  The disease itself doesn't kill the animal, but the effects of the disease are devastating to the organs and that is eventually what will make the animal suffer.  Surgery and medication weren't options, but after much research we found some homeopathic drops that had good reviews and history and we gave them a try.  They seemed to work for the last few months and we are so grateful for that.

Things aren't the same around here.

It will take time;  but  memories, though they fade, are gifts that were created when we were given the opportunity to live them, and love doesn't die.

Until next time.


LadyJYYC said...

Beautifully said, as always.

Anonymous said...

Losing a pet is always so heart wrenching, My thoughts to you and your family:)

Tracy said...

You know how I feel about our furry friends. xo

Molly McIntyre said...

<3 and Hugs to you

Linda said...

Beautiful words. Love and Hugs to you both. Linda

QT said...

What a beautiful girl she was. Now she is in heaven, pain free and looking down on you all and remembering how wonderful her family was.

Rest in Peace Chiquita!