Thursday, January 26, 2012

Til we meet again....

Hello my fellow peeps,

It has been a wee bit since I last contributed to Frantastic's blog but it seems I was blogged out or worse, didn't know what to blog about....I still don't know. However, for the art of blogging, I have decided to bring up reincarnation! Why you ask, why not? I'm sure we have all thought at some point in time that we would like to come back as something or someone else in our next life.

I have often thought of who or what I would want to be. My first thought and my most preferred is that I would like to come back as an Orca. Those beautiful marine mammals that are graceful, resourceful and family oriented. I wouldn't want to be a transient whale but a resident in either J, K or L pods. I could be know as J 48 or Sparky for short. Sparky sounds like she's fun. She is a carefree whale out to have a whale of a good time......get it? 

Now if I couldn't be a Killer Whale, then I would want to be either a Grizzly or Polar Bear. Probably a Grizzly though as I prefer not to live in arctic conditions and sleeping for 6 months of the year sounds rather appealing. However, hunting would have to be outlawed! I really don't want to be stuffed and sitting above someone's fireplace!

I'm sure you see that in either case, I want to be at the TOP of the food chain, not the bottom. I want to be the hunter, not the prey. 

I'm sure either way, you my fellow friends will be reincarnated as something you wish. What would you be? A person, an animal or mammal or you, again in life part deux?

I leave you now to think about it. Til we meet again mon cheries.


Queen T

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