Saturday, January 7, 2012

Step 1… Admit You Have a Problem You Are Powerless to Control

Alright Ladies and Gents let’s get right to it… all of us have  an addiction of one sort or another and I’m going to admit to mine over a short  series of confessionals.  I’m not admitting I need rehab, I’ll just list them off and describe how I fell into this sad state of affairs (there is usually someone to blame).

Addiction #1:  Luxury Sheets, Duvets, Duvet Covers, Pillows… pretty much anything that you sleep on, in or under.

I’m not even sure when this one started, it might have been when I was decorating my first condo and I had a designer helping me and I had a custom duvet cover made… at any rate it goes back many years. I’ll have to say that I got into this one myself and sadly have lured many of my friends down the same dark road.

I seem to have an unhealthy need to acquire the best, most comfy bedding that there is.  I attach significance and memories to each set… I remember when I kicked my fiancé to the curb (another story for another day) that very day I went out to the mall and picked out an entire new ensemble that I named the “You have never slept here sheets”.

It started out so innocently, a set of 400TC sheets that felt like silk.  Next thing you know I’m checking out back alley dealers (okay, Homesence)  for illicit 1500TC Egyptian cotton.  Then a few years ago I found the new gold standard… Bamboo!  For those of you who have never had the pleasure of slipping into bed to find yourself embraced by the sheer softness of Bamboo which is cool in summer, warm in winter and silky soft all year round; let me tell you that you haven’t slept until you’ve slept on bamboo.

Then came the duvets, again it started innocently with your basic down duvet, then it went to the New Zealand organic wool filled variety and I have now found what I will be sleeping under when I take my last breath; a silk filled duvet.  These little lovelies are filled with long raw silk fibres, they are light and are warm in the winter and cool in the summer, check out Silk Impressions on-line.  Trust me, this will be the last duvet you ever buy.

One thing I hate is fluffy pillow or pillows that you have to keep flipping because they get hot (ladies of a certain age will know what I’m talking about) I like them flat so that they don’t hurt my neck or make me feel like I’m drowning in a sea of feathers and I like them to keep cool.  The search was on… many years ago I tried the Sobakawa pillow that was filled with buckwheat hulls, this one was actually pretty good except that at times sounded like you were sleeping on Rice Krispies and it was also heavy.  Then it was on to the ones filled with those tiny micro-beads, again not bad.  Once again I found my perfect pillow was silk… what can I say, it’s flat and never feels warm.  You can also get these from Silk Impressions.

Now for the mattress itself; when I moved into my current home I upgraded from a queen size bed to a king.  I had three dogs and it didn’t seem right that I was sleeping on about 6” of the bed because, god forbid, you didn’t want to disturb the puppies.  So instead of making the dogs sleep on the floor… like that was going to happen.  I just bought a bigger bed, problem solved!

I was planning on getting a TempurPedic memory foam mattress but after much lying about in a Sleep Country showroom I ordered a Serta Perfect Sleeper pillow top deluxe model and half height box springs.  Even with the half height box springs the top of the bed was literally at my hip, I almost needed one of those little sets of steps for dogs to hoist myself into the thing every night.  I did have to buy a leather bench for the foot of the bed so that the dogs could hop on the bench and then hop on the bed (spoiled, I know).  I had that for several years but it wasn’t perfect, I was still thinking about the TempurPedic until I had actually spent the night sleeping on one (I’m not telling you whose bed it was!).  It was too warm and turning over felt like you were in wet sand.  They also weigh about 10 tons and are impossible to move on your own. 

One day I was watching “Dragon’s Den” and there was this guy on there looking for money for his mattress company.  They had created a new type of memory foam from Soy instead of petroleum based products and it was something like 90% cooler and twice as resilient.  I was intrigued.  A few months later I was perusing The Shopping Channel and there it was, the EnviroTech** mattress for an amazing introductory price.  I promptly ordered one and have loved it ever since.  It’s only 10” high so I don’t have to pole vault to get into it and it is cool heaven to sleep on.  You also don’t have to buy new box springs, just roll it out (it arrives in a roll with all of the air sucked out of it) on top of your existing box spring and watch it expand to its regular size.  Plus the king size only weighs about 75 lbs.  EnviroTech can be purchased on The Shopping  If you’re interested wait until it’s the Showstopper for a great deal.

Ahhhh, confession is good for the soul.  Stay tuned for Addiction #2:  Shoes and Addiction #3:  Perfume and any type of smelly stuff.

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**Note - if you are interested, the Envirotech mattress will be available as a Showstopper on The Shopping Channel on January 14th. 


Tracy said...

A bed that stays cool??! And rolls out...ok I am intrigued. Does that mean when you move, can it be rolled back up? And I am sooo looking up the linen links. Cool pillows and sheets sound like heaven sent. Maybe its high time for me to move up the linen ladder from the bargain basement! Thanks for the push!

LadyJYYC said...

Hi Tracey, I don't think you can roll it back up (unless you have an industrial sized vacuum packer) but it's a lot lighter than a tempurPedic and much more bendy than a regular mattress. The delivery guys had quite a time getting a king sized regular mattress up the stairs at my place.

I'm sure you'd love any of my suggestions. Bamboo sheets are the BOMB!!! And the silk filled duvet and pillow... heaven.

Coming up next... the shoes and boots addiction!