Monday, January 9, 2012

Shoe Addiction… It’s a Girl Thing

Hi everyone, as I mentioned previously I am going to come clean about my addictions, this is one many of you share…. SHOES!  Guys (unless they are gay) just don’t get this one.

I must admit that I came to this addiction rather late in life and I can place the blame squarely upon my sister (Susan, are you listening????).  I have wide feet with a high instep and quite frankly I just couldn’t be bothered trying on pair after pair that didn’t fit so that I could have a closet full of shoes.  One black pair, one brown pair… good to go.

Then my sister, a notorious shoe addict, finally badgered me into trying on some of her collection.  To give you some indication of the extent of her issues, she recently had the den in her home converted into a “closet”, it even has an island… it also has three floor to ceiling units for a part of her shoe collection… it’s practically an art gallery.  

 At any rate, there were some of her collection that actually fit and looked good and were quite comfortable and they were Fluevog’s (check out .  At the time I was a Fluevog virgin and didn’t realize what a religion they are to some, their slogan is “Unique Soles for Unique Souls” and that about sums it up.  At the time there wasn’t a store in Calgary so I accompanied my sister on one of her several times a year pilgrimages to the Fluevog mecca of Vancouver.  Needless to say I came home with several pairs of shoes and ankle boots (one pair was blue!)… this was just the beginning.

I currently own about 40 pairs of shoes and ankle boots in a variety of colors stored in a huge 4 drawer credenza by my back door.  I have Fluevog’s, Fly’s, Audly, Guiardon, TN-29, R.A.S, Frye, Chia Mahara in all shapes and colors.  One thing I don’t have are spikes or stilletos, just can’t do those… I’d have a broken ankle before you could say “Call 9-1-1”.  So, no Jimmy Choo or Louboutin in my future but I’ve managed to put together a great variety of footwear for every occasion.  And now for the photo part of this presentation…

These are one of my all-time favorite pairs, the Mini Zaza.  I never knew that shoes had names, go figure.  At Fluevog they create “families” of shoes based on the same heel and platform.  These have a wide toe so no squished tootsies and a 2 1/2 “ heel and are amazingly comfortable.  I have these in the Red/Pink below and in Black/Cream. They are great to wear with anything from skirts to skinny jeans.   I also have another style from this family called the Mini Lily Darling in an Oxblood/Black (I call them my naughty secretary shoes, check them out on the website)
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Next another Fluevog shoe called the Baroque Cortona.  My sister has a pair of these lovelies and I think that the heel and patterned leather is amazing…
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Fluevog also has fabulous ankle boots including these rocker chick pointy ones called the Truth Melissa.  I have these in a lilac body with a blue buckle and fold-over top.  These are super with jeans which you can tuck in and flip the top of the boots up, super cute!
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The following little beauties are for the serious footwear connoisseur,  they are by Tracey Neuls and will run you about 750.00 regular priced (I don’t own these but I’m sure you can imagine who does.. yup, sister). These are the Green Bow Peep Toes… I will admit that I do covet these, the leather is “like butta” and they look amazing on.
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Another gorgeous creation from Tracey Neuls is the Red/Black T-Strap with a heel that is part wood and part leather wrapped… again, not in my closet but in the possession of someone I know well.