Sunday, January 29, 2012

Not in Canada....Eh!....Eh?

Interesting how in the US, the people are up in arms over something that up until a short while ago, I didn't think we were facing as well.  This is an interesting read.  Quite the jump from protecting copy-written work to censorship, but it's an easy jump and it's a jump the Government appears primed to take.

Warning: It is a loooong read, but an interesting one and the language is occasionally...*ahem*...rude. But, if you think it doesn't affect probably will.  

Another thing to keep in mind is that the opinions of the author of the blog post (below) are their own - not mine or yours, or that of the Government in power.  Do your own research.  Read the comments below the post and Google it! 

In the words of Mulder & Scully...."the truth is out there".

A Copyright Quickie

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