Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nope....don't think so.

Shocking! I'm not a Tim Thomas fan; even before last year's event 'that shall not be named'.  He is arrogant, obnoxious, self-centered, probably mentally unbalanced since he's always smiling and talking to himself during a game and he gives off the 'creepy' vibe.

The political melt down of late due to his refusing to go to the White House is interesting.  People are either firmly by his side, supporting his decision to stand by his beliefs (the ONLY American on the team, by the way) while others are shredding him for not going.

My take doesn't matter, but it's my take.  The TEAM went for a trip to the White House. The TEAM was invited to show off their item "that shall not be named". They are an American TEAM (did I mention he's the ONLY American).  Tim Thomas' salary is paid by this American TEAM, he signed a contract that stated that he would take part in TEAM events, for the TEAM, that he would promote the TEAM as required.  This meeting was a TEAM event, promotion and a requirement to attend was given.  But nobody in the hierarchy of Boston management did anything about it.  Management, allegedly, knew from the beginning that Thomas wasn't going.  The upper echelon even stated that they 'could' suspend Thomas, but wouldn't.  A few months ago a rookie on the team missed a TEAM breakfast, he didn't set his alarm (poor fella) and  he was suspended a game for missing a TEAM function.  He was NOT Tim Thomas.

Some broadcasters believe, Thomas' hatred for current government is due to his severe right wing stance.  (The current joke is that he shouldn't be a goalie, he should be a right winger. Ha.) Others have hinted, as in the article I've linked here >TimThomas , that he has even stronger personal opinions.   The reporter in the piece I have linked is obviously ok with Thomas missing the TEAM event, because it was his personal right to do so. wasn't his right to miss the event, it was his obligation to be there.  You don't like the President or his politics.  Too bad.  You don't like the food on the menu. Too bad.  You are paid well, to be a member of that team you do what they tell you to do for the promotion of that team. You sit there, you smile and you pretend that you are honored to be there.

If he wasn't Tim Thomas, he would be in trouble.  It's a dangerous thing Boston management has done.  They have allowed Tim Thomas to decide for himself what TEAM functions he will and will not attend. Thomas' Bruins...has an interesting ring to it.

I'm curious to see how it's handled the next time (because, precedent being set, it WILL happen again)...with someone other than Tim Thomas. 

Until next time. 

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