Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 6

Day 6

The darkness fades; the sun came out today, gives one hope that not all is lost....or is this yet again another false illusion? Every waking day, one reflects on a not so distant past, a life of joy and simple pleasures.... is it all lost and gone forever?! Has this become our new existence? What will become of this vast land of ours? Inhabited by this new terror; generations lost to a new world, barren, cold and frigid? One cannot help but questions one’s own mortality.

As time goes on lingering, one reaches a breaking point, I find myself questioning every move, question dare I say.... every rational thought? Yes, perhaps it is safer to remain confined but rations are critically low, how much longer one can hold out is anyone’s guess. There simply seems no end in sight! Self preservation must prevail, and so that said..... A quest of great undertaking has been designed; a precise select set of circumstances must have been established necessary for this expedition. After careful consideration and much scrutiny of the many variables, sacrificing life and has become inevitably necessary to embark on this trek to salvation. Weary as I am...I prepare to embark, double and triple checking my supplies....I say a simple prayer as I slip deep into the abyss.....

Safeway, here I come.

Molly McIntyre

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