Friday, January 20, 2012

The Dark Side

I have crossed over.....I have left the RIM and entered the Realm of Apple.....

I know, I know........I said that would NEVER happen. Well, folks...just another reason why we should listen to our elders when they throw such pieces of sage wisdom at us as "never say never"....

I loved my Blackberry, I couldn't imagine ever being dissatisfied, of wanting MORE.....and then SIRI came along.

SIRI is the single greatest (communication) innovation since the introduction of the telephone. If only Mr. Bell could see us now! SIRI is intuitive, witty and wise enough to call me Madam. There does not seem to be any function of the iPhone 4s that SIRI cannot perform for you. Gone is the need to TYPE your emails, text message or even your grocery list. Tell SIRI what to do and it's done. Even if you say "text my son" SIRI will ask "what would you like to say to (insert son's name here)" and then he/she composes the message, asks you if you want to send it and then....sends it. If you say "add milk to my grocery list", milk gets added to your 'Reminders' list entitled 'groceries' ..... as for the wit.... you can tell SIRI that you need to hide a body and he/she will suggest places to do so and give you directions to the location of your choice! Now THAT is an assistant ;)

I honestly think that if there was a major catastrophe and I had to choose between saving a loved one and saving my iPhone..........well, if the human can't save his/her self.....survival of the fittest right? My poor defenseless iPhone would NEED me.....although with all of the innovations and magical functions inside it's little body, I wouldn't be surprised if in the event of a disaster, it would gather data from the surrounding area, deduce what was required and transform into a life-raft with a helicopter prop and whisk us all to safety....

Á bientot

Anastacia Rex

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