Sunday, December 4, 2011

Next for Rex....a bit of "verbal" diarrhea or a vocubularic diatribe

Before I let Anastacia take the post, I wanted to remind all that Christmas recipes (all kinds) and traditions are still welcome.  Please email me at frantastic @ writica . com

This recipe share is my own and is probably a bit more 'family friendly' than the 'tini of the other day.

Hot Chocolate Mix
1 2/3 c non-fat dry milk powder
1 c confectioners sugar (sifted)
1/3 c cocoa (the 'better' the cocoa, the better the end result, sometimes helps to sift this too)
1/2 tsp salt
Measure all into a plastic container with lid and shake well to mix.
To enjoy;   add 4 heaping tsp into a mug and add boiling water stirring until powder dissolves.

You could package this in pretty cello bags, decorate the tops and share with those you love OR keep a big container of it in the cupboard for a Hot Chocolate emergency!


I have a tiny obsession with words. I love the sound and the way they feel in my mouth. I love being able to use a plethora of different words to express essentially the same thing. When someone says "how are you?" why say "I'm fine" when you can say you're fabulous, excellent, superb, stupendous.......ahhhhh verbosity, articulation, a lexicon of grandiose proportion.........words can do so much. A magical incantation of carefully selected words can take a rather mundane and pedestrian story and transmutate it into a TALE. Being able to string words together in an elegant and cohesive manner is a gift. I feel sorry for those who have not been blessed with the gift of, or the passion for, words.......their vocabulary and thus, their lives lack the psychedelic colour that words can paint. There is a certain effervescence to speaking with beautiful words. It makes your mouth and your brain bubble and tingle like champagne. Words flow in sparkling cadence, falling upon the ear of the listener and lifting the spirit on gossamer wings..........ok ok, now I'm having a loose vowel movement, I'm not consonantated any more haha. *sigh* such is my love of words that once I get started, I often have a hard time stopping (blushing smiley).

So great is my love of words that I often become obsessed with things like the etymology of them. Where did they come from? What did they mean originally? Why are they used the way that they are? I seriously LOVE words. Hearing people speak incorrectly is like nails on a chalkboard for me. I have been known to rant about it. Ya, I know, who would have thought that *I* would rant....pfffft, one has to be opinionated to RANT and *I* am soooo hold on.....rewind......ok maybe I am. So, then, rant I shall. For a moment at least. Please bear with me here.......To me, the bastardization of our language is an atrocity. People use slang as if it was the genuine article. Slang is an insidious little vermin that scurries into the minds, and out of the mouths, of the unwary. Now, don't get me wrong, there is a place in our vocabulary for the slang words, they're fun. They are like candy, something you can have once in a while as a treat but, a steady diet of it has ill effects. Where too much candy will rot your teeth, the inability to tell the difference between what is slang and what is proper use of the English language will rot your mind. Far too many people today do not have any idea how to properly express what they're trying to say. All they have is the "candy" and it breaks my heart to see all these brains full of decay.

It's fine to play around with the words you use, as long as you know the difference. John Quincy Adams once said "slovenly language corrodes the mind" and Alford said "if the way in which men express their thoughts is slipshod and mean, it will be difficult for their thoughts themselves to escape being the same". So, say what you mean but say it well for if you cannot express yourself with eloquence and clarity not only will the words be lost unto the listener but perhaps the thought itself.

I have a friend who shares my passion for lexicology. We often create words; like the unique spice blends of the world's top chefs, with which we season our conversations. Creations such as "obnoxicating" - defined as the act of being obnoxious - "that puffed up windbag is obnoxicating!". We both KNOW that obnoxicating is not a real word but, there is joy in creation. It's like art. There is so much fun to be had with words. Not exploring the realm of language is much like eating nothing but boiled potatoes every day. You can sustain life but, you'll never experience real FLAVOUR! So play, explore, create.......enjoy!

My challenge to you all is this........try to learn (or create) one new word a week. I guarantee you will love it. Try to make it something that is somewhat obscure in this slang-riddled world but still plausible to use within your everyday vernacular. Share your words with us here in the comments section. Maybe we can all learn a new word or two from each other.

Let me leave you with this thought........"words, when well chosen, have so great a force in them that a description often gives us more lively ideas than the sight of things themselves" Joseph Addison circa 1772

Á bientot

Anastacia Rex


Frantastic™ said...

Interplanescalating - When one's plans are changed due to the unforeseen escalation of a previous plan.

§~ said...

ahhhhh yes, interplanesculation is a constant source of aggravation :s

and I must say, I applaud the maker of the "word verification" for their interesting is phabeate?

Frantastic™ said...

It's like a caveat, only involving phenoms.