Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lady J's First Recipe on Writica

Her Royal Lady J,  has her own festive recipe at the bottom of her post.  So be sure to stick around until the very end.  YUM!

Hello one and all, I hope you have enjoyed meeting the other Diva’s as much as I have. It’s difficult to decide what to write about so I thought I would share a story and a recipe.

First the story... my Mom was one of the best cooks/bakers I have ever known, she could whip up a three course meal from a can of mushroom soup and a packet of ramen noodles. That woman made the best pies and pie crust that I have ever had and roast beef dinner to die for. She used to make homemade desserts for a restaurant on Vancouver Island after they had retired there.

Sadly she had one culinary Achilles Heel and it was Yorkshire Pudding. For some reason, no matter what she tried, what recipe she used, square pan, muffin tin etc. she always pulled a flat dense soggy mess out of the oven. It was a running joke that we would be having Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pucks for dinner. She never gave up; she made those pucks for 50 years!

Fortunately for the family I am the Queen (or should I say Diva) of Yorkshire Pudding Sadly, we lost my mom very suddenly two years ago this week so I thought I would pass on this “Never Fail Yorkshire Pudding” recipe in her honour. The funniest part is that MOM gave me this recipe but no matter what she did she couldn’t make it work and I couldn’t make it fail (drove her nuts!).

Not to be a downer, but... my family lost both of our beloved parents within five months of each other and there are so many things that bring up memories that stop you in your tracks. That’s what happened to me when I looked in my special binder to find this recipe and there it was in Mom’s handwriting. It makes you both happy and sad at the same time. I can picture her in the kitchen with all of us around laughing about who knows what. My dad and all of the other boys would be watching some sport on TV, the girls would usually be around the table chit-chatting... I miss those days and miss them. A good friend of mine told me that I would always have a safety net, there would just be other people holding the corners... comforting thought.

So, the next time you are making a nice Sunday dinner for your family whip up a batch of these and enjoy them with the ones you love (or tolerate).


Mom’s Never Fail Yorkshire Pudding

1C (less 1T flour)
3 eggs
½ t salt
½ c water
½ c milk

1. Mix together flour & salt (make sure you take out the tablespoon of flour!)
2. Beat eggs then add water & milk to eggs
3. Combine ½ of the egg mixture with the flour and whisk until smooth
4. Add remaining liquid and whisk until smooth
5. Leave this to rest on the counter for ½ hour
6. Heat oven to 350
7. Put 1-2 teaspoons of oil (not olive!) or beef drippings into the bottom of each section of a 12 muffin pan (or 2 six muffin tins)
8. Put the pan or pans into the hot oven and leave them for 10 min. Or until the oil is really hot.
9. Give the batter a quick whisk before you...
10. Carefully remove the hot pans from the oven and then fill each “muffin” ½ to 2/3 full
11. Back into the oven for 25-30 min
12. Remove super fabulous monster Yorkshire puddings and either put them in a basket immediately or flip them over in the pan so that the bottom is not sitting in any oil that is remaining in the pan.
13. You can reheat in the oven or microwave. These are also super in the morning with jam.
14. I think it’s best if you mix these by hand with a whisk... mom always used a hand mixer and you know how those turned out.
It’s also REALLY important to let the batter rest for a while before you put it in the pan.

Lady J YYC


Molly McIntyre said...

Mmmmm...its been decades since I last had Yorkshire Pudding! It was a time honoured tradition in our family as well, from my Grandma. I never learned her recipe, so don't mind if I steal this one and finally give it a try!! Thanks Lady J.

LadyJYYC said...

Hi Molly... steal at will! Let me know how they turn out for ya.