Friday, December 16, 2011

I interrupt the 12 Days of Christmas for.......

...a NEW DIVA!!! Wootah! Ok, so I dropped this Diva a line a while back asking if she'd be willing to take part in the Writica Project, thankfully she said YES! She's just so darn smart and she included a recipe, (a truffle recipe!)  I am thrilled to have her on the team.  So...faithful blog readers I introduce to you Nona Mousy!

A few weeks ago Frantastic™ asked me if I would be a contributor to her Writica blog. I was both honored and freaked out at the same time. Having read every blog since it's inception, I felt a little bit intimidated by all of the divas already involved. I like to think of myself as wise and funny, most of my friends and family call me just usually happens to be the prefix to ass! I will start off with an easy recipe for chocolate truffles, 'tis the season of overindulgence!!


4½ cups of blended Chips Ahoy Chocolate chip cookies (or Oreo cookies if preferred)
8oz. softened cream cheese
1pkg (8 blocks) Semi-sweet chocolate

Blend cookies until fine.
In a medium mixing bowl add cream cheese to cookie mixture and mix thoroughly
Melt chocolate on med-low heat on the stove
Roll cookie mixture into balls
Dip in chocolate. When removing from chocolate, I use two forks, the excess drips off nicely
Place on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper
Refrigerate, when set, Eat!

They are tasty little devils!

Moving on...There isn't a whole lot to say about myself. I'm sure if you look around hard enough, you will find others who disagree. For what I lack in social excursions, I make up when I do actually get out of my house! I am a mother of 3 and have been frantically trying to prepare my family for my return to work, after being their servant..erm...maid...uh...stay at home mom, for the last 14 months. This is most of the reason I have taken so long to write this entry. I would almost think preparing for the apocalypse would be easier. Call me anal, but I like to have things like laundry folded just the right way, and so far, nobody has stepped up to take that task over, properly anyways! I can live with the dishes not being put in just the right spot, so long as it isn't me that ends up spending ½ an hour looking for the measuring cup, that clearly should be in the cupboard with all the mixing bowls. My biggest pet peeve is when I find more dirty dishes than clean in the cupboards. I think my 13 year old, who I just got glasses for to try to correct this problem, does it on purpose with the hopes that I will take away the privilege of her doing dishes after dinner every night. What fun would that be? When she was first born, I promised myself I wasn't going to go down that "when I was your age" path, alas, it seems to be my favorite catch phrase. "When I was your age, I had to do dishes, laundry, keep my room clean, dust, cook and go to school and have a job. You should consider yourself lucky all you have to do is clear the table, dishes and fill the wood box" Teenagers hey??!! ha! It amuses me, because when I was her age (there it is again!) I did exactly everything she is doing now to get out of chores!! It is true, what goes around comes around. With all that being said, I should probably go and do some of my own chores, I am officially back to work tomorrow. I am not sure yet as to how active I will be on Writica, I will gauge that on how "Day after Tomorrow"ish my house looks after this weekends shifts. If I don't get to it before, I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, have fun, and please, for the love of Pete, DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE.

~Nona Mousy

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Frantastic™ said...

I have totally used the phrases that I heard as a kid and swore I would NEVER use. It's kinda scary! Good luck at work and thanks for the contribution!