Thursday, December 1, 2011

The gift

There was another post planned for today, but sometimes things don't go according to plan. Sometimes in the middle of the blur of your life, something happens that smacks you in the face and makes you realize that every moment is precious.  The problem is we often don't see that until it's too late.

I was puttering along, doing what I had planned for the evening, putting Avon orders together and sending emails and updating the blog posts and I see a message from a friend.  This message completely stopped me in my tracks.  I couldn't function. I just sat still.  My friend's grandson had passed away in his sleep.  Suddenly.  Unexpectedly. 

There is no guarantee in life that when we go to sleep at night, we'll be granted the opportunity to wake up the next day. We are old, we have lived lives, we have seen days and nights and probably forgotten more than we can still remember.  To have a child not wake up is unimaginable.  I can not fathom the grief. 

I am heartbroken for this family I have never met.

Today's post is short and unplanned but is meant to remind you to love those that are around you and to  let them love you.  Appreciate the smiles, the hugs and the laughter, every moment.

I had once said that every morning is a good morning, a gift that we are given.  Take the opportunity to tell your significant other that you love them, tell your parents you appreciate all they have done for you, hug your children and tell them they mean the world to you even when they make you angry and acknowledge your friends who listen to you debate the simplest things and who offer encouragement and time when surely they must have better things to do.

If you do nothing else, please appreciate your gift today.

Until next time.

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