Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas á la Rex

It's beginning go look a lot like Christmas,
Everywhere you go.
But the prettiest sight you'll see,
Is the holly that will be,
On your own front doooooor......

Aaaaaaah Christmas.....
I LOVE Christmas.  Really.  I love going Christmas shopping, usually in the last week, with all the noise and the crowds.  I love Christmas music.....only after December 1st please...... especially the very traditional carols, although there are many newer songs that I enjoy.  The ones that I CAN'T STAND are all the Santa Claus songs and ones like Frosty the Snowman, they set my nerves on edge!  Sorry, mini-rant there oops.  I love everything about this holiday.  There's so much glitz and good cheer and joy in the Christmas season.  It makes my whole body smile. It's the build up to it, the anticipation......unfortunately, Christmas day itself is always a bit anticlimactic and sad.  The very best of the season is between the 1st and that brief window of time Christmas morning when everything is in place and perfectly untouched.  That tiny bit of time when you first get up Christmas morning and you open the curtains, snow is usually lightly falling, you plug in the tree lights, pour some coffee (maybe sneak in a shot of Bailey's) and sit for a moment all alone in the quiet looking around at the pretty gifts under the tree, the overflowing stockings, the glistening ornaments....everything is just perfect for a few minutes......before everyone else gets up and the unwrapping begins.  In such a short time it goes from glorious to ground-zero.

Now, I come from a family that lacked Christmas traditions, any traditions really......we didn't have a "thing" in my family, nothing that was special and uniquely ours, nothing that we did year over year.  We didn't entertain or go out.  We didn't do most of the things normally associated with the season.  My mother put up a tree, decorated in gaudy tinsel and garlands and mismatched ornaments.......she cooked a basic turkey dinner.....we hung stockings and had presents......the absolute basics yes.  Looking back, I have no idea how I came to love Christmas like I do.  But, now that I am "the mum" we DO Christmas!  In a big, glittery, gaily packaged, tastefully decorated way.  Other occasions may be overlooked or ignored but we look forward to Christmas all year long.
And then.......the day after Christmas (it changes year to year based on whether the kids spent the 25th with me or with their father) all comes down.  The build up to it has exhausted me. 

So, as I am still revving up for the holidays, have yet to do my shopping marathon and haven't yet been wiped out by my Christmas mania........ I wish you all a wonderful and happy Christmas season.  Rejoice, celebrate, be safe and........ Enjoy the splendour!

Merry Christmas...... Joyeux Noel....... Buon Natale...... Feliz Navidad....... Feliz Natal..... Nallaig Shona Dhuit...... Fröhliche Weihnachten....... Vrolijk Kerstfeest...... Boldog Karácsonyt...... Noeliniz kutlu olsun..... Nadolig Llawen..... Kung His Hsin Nien bing Chu Shen Tan...... There are many ways to say it, may you all feel it deep it inside you.

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Frantastic™ said...

I can picture you singing that song as we're hurtling down the highway with your scarf tied to the windshield wiper, sipping our Caramel Steamers.

Buon natale e felice anno nuovo Anastacia!