Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The 12 Days of Christmas....Day 8.

Day 8 is all about the tree.   Big or small, skinny or wide.  Real or fake.  Matchy or clashy.  Bending with decorations or minimalistic bare branches, it is the centre of the festivities.  Decorating the tree is probably one of the most important parts of the holidays for us.  Here is a much sought after glimpse into the Chiupkarone's Tree Day! (Need to apologize for pic quality, camera needed charging so I had to use the back up.)

Ahhh...the 3-piece-snap-together-prelit wonder that is our tree.  We used to trek into the forest and find the perfect real tree.  It was fun and the tree was always so imperfect that it was perfect, but this is WAY easier and I'm willing to cheat a little in that area. The time it took us to haul the box upstairs, snap it together and plug it in....we wouldn't even have put our boots on.

Our collection of ornaments is quite...eclectic.  They range from expensive (purchased on a whim) Disney ornaments to pipe cleaners and clothespins. Our collection grows each year as we are gifted with new decorations or we find another gem somewhere that we HAVE to add.  Most of our ornaments have special meaning in some form or other,  Mr. Frantastic has a Santa Claus ornament that's over 100 years old!

What's that?!?! There's already presents under there!!

Until next time.

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Tracy said...

Best pic always has a child looking longingly at a Christmas tree! :)