Saturday, December 24, 2011

The 12 days of Christmas - Day 12.

If you've followed along, you will know that tonight is 'my' Christmas.  We will settle in for the traditional meal at my parent's house with the traditional foods and then proceed with the remaining events for the evening.  We have come a long way since Day 1 and you probably know that each day was not necessarily in the order of importance, until today.  Today we will cover the last and most important thing.

Day 12 is about the gifts.....the most important thing about Christmas is the gifts.

The gift of friendship and family.
The gift of getting together with friends and family and celebrating either in grand style or casual gathering; for hours, or days - as much as our schedules will allow.
The gift of children waiting patiently (or not) to open their presents.  Circling the tree daily to see if maybe there's an ornament, decoration (or present) they hadn't noticed before.
The gift of phone calls and cards/letters from those we love who are far away.
The gift of the smell that Christmas baking brings and leaves in a home.
The gift of the glittery lights and winter scenes that are outside.
The gift of a wintery wonderland, that even though we complain as we shovel it, wouldn't be Christmas without.
The gift of our trees. Large or small, real or not.  The gift in how we decorate them and treasure the process.
The gift of traditions and celebrations and what we each do, each year to make Christmas special.
The gift of the mess that wrapping paper brings as it is scattered all over the floor; and the gift that for at least a moment, it doesn't matter.
The gift of being more grateful from the act of GIVING,  than receiving.
The gift that IS Christmas.

Please have a safe, happy and healthy Christmas.  If you are going to indulge in the  beverages of the season, PLEASE do NOT drink and drive.

Cherish each moment and hold it dear in your heart.  Today is a gift, tomorrow is not a guarantee.

 "And So This Is Christmas;
And What Have We Done?
Another Year Over; A New One Just Begun;
And So Happy Christmas;
I Hope You Have Fun;
The Near And The Dear Ones;
The Old And The Young." ~ John Lennon

Until next time. 

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