Friday, November 25, 2011

Party like a Gemini

Ok, so I started writing my ‘Diva Introductory’ a couple of days ago, and it sounded too contrived. Then I got busy with tonight the pressure is on!! Frantastic asked me to make a submission for Friday. Aaack!! What is it about deadlines? I personally HATE them, and really that is a kind word for what I really think about them. Pressures, anxiety, come on....who needs that??! I will admit though it does make me get my ass in gear. I am by nature a procrastinator. I think its Gemini trait and seeing as I was three weeks over baked at birth, it’s not my fault. Had I been born on time, I would have been a Taurus and this would have been submitted to Writica long before now!! They are stubborn you know, but often highly reliable. Unlike us Flippant-Life is a Party so Who Cares-Twins!! In all seriousness though my contribution may well be contradicting at times, but will always be totally honest and truthful.....I may be Ying in the first paragraph and be Yang at the end. What can I say? My thoughts are always wandering, so there you have it....expect chaos from me.

Oh my, see what I mean.....I got off topic. Well not entirely, I was introducing myself. So where were we.....Ah yes, name is Molly, I am an urban professional with a penchant for cupcakes and blue martinis, however, not usually consumed at the same time. Although....? I was introduced to our Grand Diva Frantastic, years ago through a dear friend; I think we all know ‘her’ Facebook?

I don’t believe in absolutes, I believe possibilities are endless. It saddens me that too often we get caught up in the mundane day to day activities in our lives, and miss out or don’t recognize when brilliant opportunities arise. I am a creative person, like many Gemini’s are, paint and draw a little and I write.

I have blogged on other sites that are more restrictive to certain subjects, so this venue of expression is not entirely foreign to me. What I like about Frantastics blog is that several contributors with different experiences and opinions will engage in a variety of conversations and observations. Whoohoo, Party like a Gemini!! We can be vessel for discussion, but dialogue can’t happen without your input, so feel free to comment and add to our conversations.

Voices are a beautiful thing! Like shiny diamonds! Looking forward to seeing some bling around here.

Molly McIntyre


I hope you enjoyed Molly's ramblings....another Frantastic™ addition to the crew.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow's post;  A delightful (easy) rendition of Beef Wellington from Anastacia.  Please join us for that. 

I've started a Writica Facebook page so please be sure to hope over there and 'like' us so that you can keep up with the latest.  I'm hoping that the Facebook wall posts/forum will allow for easier comments and feedback.

Thanks so much to all who have joined us on our journey so far.

Until next time.

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Molly said...

Whoohoo I have been published! Thanks Frantasic! What a great idea; the Facebook page will allow people to comment or offer their rambings!

Remember people, Voices are a beautiful thing...