Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Introduction to Lady J....

I would like to introduce another of the Writica Divas, Lady JYYC. Lady J is opinionated on many things and I for one, look forward to any words that she is willing to share.


Welcome to Writica!

Hello to you all, my name is LadyJYYC and I have been invited by the Editor In Chief, President, CEO and all around bossy boots (you may know her as Frantastic™) to become one of the roving correspondents for her blog experiment. This is an invitation that I have gladly accepted.

First a little about me... what can I say, I was Playmate of the Year for 2010, fly around the world in private jets supplied by one of my rich lovers, millions of bucks in the bank, you know the type, your basic nightmare!

Okay, that was a bit of a lie, I live in Calgary and am a mature single woman who shares a fabulous home in a trendy neighbourhood with two spoiled terriers. I was an independent computer programmer and business analyst but am now retired due to severe arthritis in my hands and hip. I have many interests and always have opinions on a vast number of subjects including books, science & technology, travel, gossip, TV, shoes, decorating, women’s rights & issues and on-line shopping to name a few. I tend to steer away from politics (they are all lying, all of the time) and don’t even get me started on religion! I am a fabulous cook and may send a recipe or two your way from time to time... I will admit to a slight addiction to the Food Channel & HGTV. I also love to give advice, everyone would be much happier if they just asked my opinion first.

I hope to be a cross between general know-it-all and Dear Abby... throw me some subjects or questions and we’ll see how this goes!


Frantastic™ said...

I'm going to guinea pig myself for the comment box. Just to see if this works. Thanks Lady J. I look forward to your contributions :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Frantastic, I'm sifting through ideas right now! Okay, I'm watching America's Next Top Model but I'm still sifting subconcously!

Molly said...

Welcome to the helm Lady J. I believe we have a few things in common! :)