Sunday, November 27, 2011

I never cease to be AMAZED....

Ok, so I like cheese as much as.....perhaps more than, the next guy. I dream about asiago, manchego, cambozola.......... Mmmmm I do love cheese. There's this incredible English white stilton with mango and's like dessert. Soooo smooth and rich and decadent. It IS a little pricey, more than many others, it runs about $7 for a little tiny 1/4" wedge that is really only enough for one person. Usually, I will buy a little piece as a treat for myself. It's a minuscule little slice of heaven that I tuck away in the back of the fridge where nobody else will find it; my own secret stash. Shhhhh.....

At this point I suppose I should probably get to the point. I was watching tv this morning while getting ready for work, the Marilyn Dennis Show to be exact, and there was a discusion panel chatting about random topics...... Remind me later to tell you about Tracey Melchor talking about some new (and exceptionally stupid sounding) reality show called "Mama Drama" oy vey what a ridiculous concept there! Where do they come up with this stuff....... Anyway, so Lynn Crawford and Marilyn start talking about this new cheese which is apparently the WORLD'S MOST EXPENSIVE CHEESE. No kidding. It costs $12 for an itsy bitsy little chunk on a cracker!!! It is also an English stilton but this one has......dramatic musical leaf and gold liqueur in it. To give you a little better idea of the cost I did a little research, Iain Hollingshead's article for the November 22 Telegraph, as well as the cheese producers website, says that the fab cheese costs £608 per kilo! Seriously?!?! Who would pay that?

Let me break it down...... If the British pound (£) is usually about double the Canadian dollar then that's $1200 per kg or $120 per 100g......and BAM $12 for a single gram of Golden Cheese on a cracker (yes my eyes are rolling)

Apparently, Long Clawson Dairy of Leicestershire was looking for something exciting and innovative to do for their 100th birthday this November 6 and some "outside the box" thinker came up with Golden Cheese name for it, not theirs by the way....... So they took a white stilton - a milder relative of the common blue stilton - and added in gold leaf bits like confetti and a real gold, cinnamon schnapps. It is in very limited supply and the people at Long Clawson say it will be available just for the 2011 festive season. If you are adventurous and/or have a hefty grocery budget it is currently available only through the dairy's website -   I've read some mixed reviews of the flavour but I'm certain that it would make a dazzling addition to the cheese board at your holiday party ;)

Á bientôt,

Anastacia Rex

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