Sunday, November 20, 2011

A beginning....

Everything has a beginning.

After many weeks, our local election has finally come to an end.  It seems as though this election has been going on for months.  But the campaigning, voting and counting is done.  We (75.6% of us) have voted and chosen those who we believe should lead us for the next 3 years.  I had  heard it said, that we should respect those who were elected and support them as the voice for the community.  Wise words.  I have learned a lot about words in these last few weeks.  Words that are inflammatory, derogatory and offensive; and words that are positive, affirmative and effective.  I choose my words carefully.  I'm not a fan of making disappear what I spent time reflecting on and putting to paper/screen.  My words are important to me, enough so that I allow them to be.

Today is a new beginning.  A new beginning for this community.  We have been given the opportunity to elect a leadership and we have done so.  They now have the opportunity to begin. They deserve our respect and they deserve the right to be allowed to begin.  I have learned that words can divide a people, but that different, better words can bring people together.  

This is where I will put my words. 

This is the beginning of Writica.

This is where I will post my rants/ramblings, thoughts and words. I am hoping that what lands here, is something that you find, if nothing else, understandable.  It doesn't need to educate you, although that would be lovely. It doesn't need to inspire you, although that would also be good. My goal is not to change your opinion or make you see mine or anyone elses  point of you.  My only goal is to have someone stop here, then walk away saying 'that made sense' or at very least, have what they saw here pick away at their subconscious for an entire day without them even realizing. 

My intention is  to gather support and contributions from my friends.  I have friends who know and love letters and words as much as I do. I plan to use my friends as special Writica Correspondents and I believe that they will help me do great things here. In the coming days I hope to gather my regular correspondents and learn what they are willing to bring to the table (screen). I  may even post contributions from others who want to share their thoughts. Wouldn't that make it a magical venture??

This all sounds very heavy and dark. Not at all, Writica is destined to be amusing and entertaining as well as subconscious picking. The hope is to cover topics that touch us all in some way.

There....the beginning. I hope that you will join me for the middle of Writica, and all I envision and hope for it to grow up to be.

Stay tuned.

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