Saturday, November 26, 2011

Beef Wellington

Thank you Molly M for your intro yesterday, you will certainly bring the bling!  I am so glad you are here today, my dearest Anastacia is going to share one of her recipes.  Having had the pleasure of enjoying  her impressive meals on more than one occasion, I must say that she is a Qulinary Queen (note the Q's).  Happy Saturday to all and enjoy!


So you've had a chance to "get to know" me ....... I hope I haven't bored you yet. I hope that writica will be enjoyed by many people for a long time, I know we all have a lot to say.

Today was one of those days that makes you smile and cry all within the span of a few minutes. Misunderstandings that lead to heartache followed by the sweetest voice notes from a very special little boy.....laughing at a friend's mockable accident (so funny, I wish I could share) followed by frustration when things don't work out as planned. *sigh* I'm sure you all know the kind of day I mean. Up and down more than a new bride's panties....... Hopefully the emotional rollercoaster ride has come to an end. It's time to kick off my heels, slip into some pjs, pour a glass of shiraz and.....make dinner (sweep the floor, do some laundry, clean the glad I'm done work for the day.....she says facetiously)

Now, I know I had a plan when I sat down to write......what was it? Ahhh yes, I promised my beef wellington.......mmmm those crispy, golden pastry puffs that you can't wait to cut into, releasing the mouth-watering aroma of filet mignon and tender mushroom duxelles. Now I'll have to make them, I can almost taste it already.

I cheat a little and use "poppin' fresh" puff pastry from a tube but it makes the process so much easier. That way I don't have to spend ALL day cooking. You can actually prep this all ahead of time then pop it in the oven just before dinner. I start by seasoning the filets (both sides) with a little kosher salt and cracked black pepper, then searing them in a smoking hot pan. Once they're nicely browned, set them on a plate to rest and pop them into the fridge until you're ready to put it all together. Next I make the mushroom duxelles - finely dice some shallots and a couple cloves of garlic then add a couple cups of finely chopped mushrooms (crimini is nice but button mushrooms are fine too). Next, get your pan nice and hot again and throw in a couple table tablespoons of butter, once it's melted add in the shallots and garlic and saute for about 30 seconds before you add the mushrooms. Sprinkle in a bit of salt and pepper and stir together then reduce the heat to medium and cook for about 5 minutes or so. You want all the mushroom moisture to evaporate so that they are nice and dry. There will be a fair amount of brown bits in the bottom of the pan so you'll want to deglaze with about 1/3 cup of dry white wine. When that's done, put the mushroom mixture in a bowl in the fridge too so they can cool.

When you're ready to put it all together, lay out a piece of parchment paper (so your pastry won't stick) and then get your puff pastry out......why does the POP of the can opening startle me EVERY time?!?'ll need to split it into 4 pieces (assuming you're feeding 4 people as I am) at a time, lay a piece of puff pastry out and gently roll it out a bit with a rolling pin, it helps if you put a piece of plastic wrap over top. It needs to be able to stretch over your filet and the mushroom mix. once you have it rolled out big enough, spoon 1/4 of the mushroom mixture over the centre and then top with a filet. Brush a little egg wash around the edges to glue the pastry pocket together and then wrap the sides up and over to make a little package. Puff pastry is very stretchy and forgiving so don't worry if it's a little sticky. Once you have the ends folded up, take the side closest to you and fold it up and over, then just roll it over to complete the package. Next, set it on a parchment covered baking sheet with the seam side down.......repeat with the rest. At this point you can cover with plastic wrap and set them in the fridge until closer to dinner time if you like. When you're ready to go, say half an hour-ish before dinner preheat the oven to 350......take them out and uncover them. Then brush a little egg wash over top of each and sprinkle with a little kosher salt. To be medium rare they will need to bake about 20 minutes.

You can serve with some bernaise sauce (Knorr makes a nice one) or mustard or horseradish......I like a simple mustard/horseradish mix. Your side dish can be as simple as mashed and gravy with some steamed broccoli or........mmmmmm mushroom risotto ooooh ya, that's the way I roll hahaha.

Dinner in my house, especially on Sunday, is always a culinary adventure. Well, I think this article, with all its rambling, has finally come to an end........

À bientôt!

Anastacia R

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Molly McIntyre said...

I will have you know I actually read the whole recipe! How is that for a non-cook like me! Sounds like a easy recipe even for us cuisine challenged. Thanks Diva Anastasia. Love the Crown by the fitting!