Wednesday, November 30, 2011

All about ME

Thanks to Queen T for her post yesterday.  I have often been the lead on many a Dead Cat Choir, some even Queen T herself have been a part of :)

If you haven't heard the news, I'm collecting recipes/traditions of Christmas from our followers, both on Facebook and beyond.  It doesn't have to be "baking" recipes or lengthy missives, but short, sweet to the point contributions.  Festive cocktails, hot drinks, breakfasts, appetizers or traditions that you share with your family.  The plan is to post one a day (along with our regular posts) for the entire month of December.

So please send me an email -  frantastic @ writica . com  (don't use spaces please, just trying to avoid the evil spambots!)

Queen Tinsel, aka QT here. Sending a big Hello to all my peeps and peepette's! When I was growing up (back when horse drawn carriages were the mode of transportation), my focus was always on me. It's all about me I used to say. When my parents said to me "it's not always about you", I was shocked, bereft with grief and stung by their brutal honesty. I thought about those words often and trying to make sense of them and why my parents would even think of saying that to me.

As the years progressed (now we had cars), I began to see the light, albeit it was a tiny light. I looked more around me and my family and in doing so, the light got bigger. What it has led me to, was to gain more insight into me as a person. Was I the good caring, loving person I longed to be? Was I the person who looked outside of "normal" perception of people and saw who they really were? Perhaps not at first, but as time has gone by, I have grown. Now I look at people and see all of them. Sometimes I see things I dislike but more often than not, I see a person who is very much like me, a caring, giving and loving person.

My transformation has taken me on a path from selfish to helping others. Now I see what my parents meant. In this the season of giving, I make sure that I do my part to help those much less fortunate than me. I am not rich in money but I am rich in love and family and that is the most important thing to me. I make a point of rummaging through my closet for clothes and giving them to the "Help the Homeless", a program run by one of our local radio stations. I go through my pantry a lot and gather up any extra food that I can give to my local food bank. At Christmas, I buy groceries strictly for the food bank. I am not saying that is what you should do as one can give more of themselves in other ways. What I am saying is do something not only for yourself but for someone less fortunate. When you give of yourself, you give yourself the biggest gift of all. I get a very happy feeling in my heart when I know that I have helped someone else. I don't look for accolades but I feel good about myself when I look beyond "just me."

I don't mean to preach (I was never good at that), nor do I think I am great. There are others in this world that do far more than I. I do however, try my best to make a difference. Whether it be small or big, every little bit helps!



Peggy Capri said...

This post speaks right to my heart! Thank you so much.
~ Peggy

§~ said...

It's nice to see it put out there that a woman can be a titch self-absorbed AND still be a kind, giving, warm-hearted, loving person......AND be big enough to admit it!